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27 Nov 56 Mrs Nisha Hiran restore her life as a wife of commander Gen. officers who died in the incident on 10 Apr 53 posted in Facebook's Nicha Hiranburana Thuvatham comment. to people who claim to "neutral" looks as if it is good, but yea. Those who do not dare to face the consequences of their decisions separately, which today who do not have the answer. Or have an answer in mind. Proclaim the apparently To choose any answer During the grace, or selfless service. "Neutral" Today we went to the crossroads to decide whether to turn left or turn right, who claimed to be neutral so that it looks like a good person. In fact, the only track not recognize what is happening or not, you are not brave enough to face the consequences of their decisions. Because whether the left or right. Had a total impact Depending on whether you choose effects that are beneficial to themselves or advantage to the public, they are the ones that claim to neutrality has no choice. And there are many people who secretly choice in mind. But do not dare to tell anyone that you choose something because what? Reply himself to it wholeheartedly ... the answer is grace or favor.